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Cushion vinyl flooring, is prized both for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Better recommended for kitchens, utilities, bathrooms and ensuites, although it can be installed in other areas as well both domestic and commercial.  It is a practical solution for ‘wet areas’ due to its R10 anti-slip qualities.

There are three ways to install cushion vinyl flooring; loose lay, semi-loose lay and fully stuck; we will give you all the advice you need depending on the area it is being installed.

There are literally 100’s of designs and colours to choose; from wood effect, tile effect, to floral/patterned designs.

We also offer a wide selection of safety floor products; more suitable for commercial use, they provide an extremely resilient, durable and effective floor covering solution.

We deal with all the major brands including; IVC, Forbo, Tarkett, Polyfloor, Gerfloor and many more.

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